Private Theory Lesson
    Each week, students have a choice of 20/40/60 minutes of one-on-one time with one of our great teachers to work and develop reading and playing skills. They will also play through music that they've practiced all week in return for some positive feedback.  The students are always encouraged to bring in their own fun music of choice to play and learn!
    Each week, students will participate in a private theory class using games, crafts, multi-media, and more. All classes will have different focuses, but they all cover the basics of music theory and fundamentals along the way. Scroll down to see more details on each course. 
Private Piano Lesson

Song writing lessons help students understand the patterns that take place in music that allow for a great song! They are always encouraged to write their own pieces in all of their private lessons. In these lessons, students will learn all the best resources and skills that good
 songwriters use. They will learn about melodies, chord progressions, and lyrics. This is a class that puts all their skills and knowledge together!

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Group theory courses are priced differently than a traditional private lesson. We recommend that students take group theory in junction with their private instrument lesson to increase their knowledge and abilities. Please call for more information and pricing details.

~ MUSC 0500 - Fundamentals of Music
In this course, students will learn about key signatures and time signatures while diving in to not names and values. They will talk about rhythm and practice sight singing. A great course full of basics that are essential for a beginning musician to practice. 

~ MUSC 0520 - Music and History
This course will be surveying the significance of composers with an overview of different stylistic periods in music history emphasizing their influence in culture. We will cover and discuss various types of music throughout the centuries. 

~ MUSC 0540 - Music Expression  
This course will encourage creativity and expression through music while writing music or using interactive music activities. We will explore and experiment with various instruments to further learning and creative expression. 

~ MUSC 0600 - Fundamentals of Jazz
This course will touch on a variety of techniques and fundamentals. Students will learn intervals and chord building as well as simple and compound meters. Students will learn the importance of dynamics with examples in music, specifically focusing on jazz history and culture.

~ MUSC 0620 - Intro to Instruments 
In this course students will learn about different instruments and how they are used in the world of music. Students will increase their skills in sight singing and sight reading and learn how to recognize the difference between major and minor scales. 

#MUSC 0640 - Advanced Concepts
This course will provide students with musical concepts necessary to be a versatile musician. We will review major and minor keys and the circle of fifths while also developing skills in sight singing, sight reading, and the use of dynamics. Students will also spend time with various instruments and their uses. 

Private Voice Lesson
Private Guitar/Ukulele Lesson
During a private voice lesson, our students have choices. Our students can always take classical lessons learning operatic or musical theater pieces--We love that! BUT, they can also learn songs from Billboards Top 100 chart, or whatever else they listen to and love! At 89th Key, our lessons are all about the student. Our highly qualified teachers have had a range of experiences in many techniques and will provide instruction for the student to best learn, grow, and practice!
Students are instructed on these basics as well as learning their favorite songs and how they can interpret them in their own style of playing. Students are encouraged to bring ideas of songs they want to learn together with their one-on-one instructor. 
Private Song Writing Lesson
Private Drum Lesson
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In private guitar or ukulele lessons students learn a range of etude's, chords, scales, techniques, strum patterns and songs.

Something For Everyone
We now give more lessons than ever!
In private drum lessons, students will learn the basics of rhythm and time keeping. They will develop the coordination to put together drum beats and fills
on the drum set, and also learn how to apply it to music. Lessons can always be adjusted to fit the student’s level. Our talented drum instructor will work together with the student to create a curriculum that will further their knowledge in all thing drums! 
Our goal for piano is to make the lessons as fun and interactive as possible so the student WANTS to come to lessons. 
89th Key Group Theory Course Guide