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Something For Everyone
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Private Lessons
Songwriting and Composition
All ages and skill levels accepted

Learn the basics and play music you love
Our highly qualified instructors cater to the needs of their individual students while ensuring that they're also having fun!

Students will be taught the fundamentals of their instrument, challenged to grow weekly, and free to explore music that inspires creativity.
Our group theory classes are what makes 89th Key's program so unique! 

We believe students should not only be able to play music, but that they should understand it on a deeper level in order to communicate the language of music.
During the group theory classes, students will be taught how to read music, understand rhythm, identify common music terms, and so much more!
Each class consists of a small group of students around the same age/ level where each student will have the opportunity to make friends, in a normally very independent activity, while also receiving  the individual attention they need.
Lessons currently offered
Want to be like your favorite artist? 
Take private lessons to learn how to create your own music!
You can master how to:
Write engaging lyrics,
Compose a catchy melody,
or even
write your own symphony!

Study with an accomplished composer with years of experience teaching
If you have a passion for the arts, why not create your own masterpiece?