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($25/first child, $20/each additional friend/sibling)
We have Parent's Night Out once a month at 89th Key!

                6 p.m. - 11 p.m.
                $25 per kiddo
        $20 per friend/sibling
            $1/per pizza slice
        89th Key Music Studio
    16626 Old Chesterfield Rd.


What do we do?
A typical Parents' Night Out looks like watching a movie together, coloring, eating pizza for dinner, making crafts, playing fun games, and making our own delicious desserts! There are also prizes given away throughout the night. 

Is it safe?
As soon as all the kids arrive, the adult in charge of the party will lock the doors and set the studio alarm. They will also give our their cell phone # and keep it close by in case the parents call/text while they're out.

Who can come?
All kids who are potty trained and above the age of four are welcome to attend! The parties are not limited to 89th Key students, siblings and friends can come too. The more the merrier!
Parents' Night Out!

Spring Dates:
January 21
February 18
April 15
May 13

January 14
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