89th Key Music Studio opened in September of 2009. Each studio is fun and creatively designed to make your child feel comfortable. The awesome studios, engaging teachers and excellent curriculum will make everyone who comes here feel like they're taking lessons at home.
No more boring music lessons!
Each studio is equipped with closed circuit video surveillance that can be viewed in the waiting room
 while your child has lessons.  A great way to see what 
your child is learning!

Our large waiting area allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed while waiting on lessons. 

Our awesome incentive programs allow students to earn "composer bucks" that they can use to buy prize closet items and much more! 

Click here to check our entire incentive program.
89th Key Music Studio's very own Steinway Piano! Ask us about how this very piano is connected to the famous conductor Leopold Stokowski.
Our Studio
  She loves kids, piano, teaching and thinks that learning to play music should be a great experience and journey rather than a torturous right of passage bestowed upon the children in our society.  89th Key was born of passion for music and a wish to share this gift with others.

"Two years of piano can increase children's math scores up to 40%, academic levels up to two letter grades, and social skills up to two grade levels."

-James Catterall, Professor of Education, UCLA
Our goal at 89th Key is simple. When our students grow up and tell people about their music lessons, they don't follow it up with "...and I hated it!" We will give them a memorable experience in a place that was created for fun and unique learning.

Work Your Brain
 Prize Closet
Make Yourself 
at Home
A Little Taste 
of History
Fun, Safe & Secure
About  the Owner
    Janie Struckman is the owner and founder of 89th Key Music Studio. She graduated from Webster University with a degree in music, with an emphasis in piano pedagogy.
Our Goal