"We love 89th Key. You guys are fun and creative and 
keep my kids interested and inspired." - Alice (2020)

"Thanks so much - your special attention to your 
students really does make 89th Key something 
special." -- Julie (2019)

"I can't BELIEVE how much Taylor's voice improves 
from each lesson with Addie. She's a miracle 
worker!" - Molly (2019)
Link to our 2023-2024 Calendar: 
Now Accepting Teacher Applications! 

We teach many instruments and classes to a wide variety of students and are always on the lookout for inspiring teachers. Musical training is required, you must be at least 16, and experience in a professional setting is preferred. We do not hire seasonal employees as the students become 
attached to their teacher and prefer a long-term relationship. 

Click here and apply online