We're located in a brand new building encased in a quaint old house in the heart of historic Chesterfield, right between the Valley and the mall. It has the feel of home but is filled with crazy, fun, musical artwork on everything from the walls to the marble piano keys built right into the floors!

"Thanks so much - your special attention to your students really does make 
89th key something special." -- Julie

"Alyssa has actually gotten Juliana to practice.  It is pretty amazing!" -- Sarah

"I wanted to write and let you know that Ari really enjoyed his lesson this week with Tom.  He said that he learned a lot from him.  It is also the first time that I saw Ari come home from his lesson and want to continue playing. He has practiced today without even asking (a first!)." -- Kim

"Music at school is kind of boring because I already know more guitar than they are teaching, since I go to 89th Key" -- Sam (student)

"Thanks for the years of encouragement and training, Conner has truly enjoyed attending his lessons." -- Joe

 We offer classes for...


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Packages available to suit any needs and budget!

Now offering Skype lessons for 
sick/vacationing students!

We teach many instruments/classes to a wide variety of students and are always on the lookout for 
awesome inspiring teachers. Musical training is required, must be at least 16, and experience in a professional setting is preferred. We do not hire seasonal employees as the students become 
attached to their teacher and prefer a long-term relationship. 

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Now Accepting Teacher Applications! 
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Where you can kiss your old lame 
music lessons goodbye!
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