Private Theory Lesson
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    Each week, students have 20/40/60 minutes of one-on-one time with one of our great teachers to play through music that they've practiced all week in return for some positive feedback.  The students are encouraged, yes, that's right... ENCOURAGED to bring in their own fun music of choice to play and learn!
    Each week, students will participate in a private theory class. Using games, crafts and art projects, students will learn rhythm and basic music theory with ultra-cool mediums like Bendaroos and M&M's!
Private Piano Lesson

                        In private drum                         lessons, students will learn                         drum beats, fills and songs.                         Our lessons are student oriented, so no matter your level, our skilled drum teachers will instruct to further your knowledge and ability!  

Song writing lessons help students understand the patterns that take place in music that allow for a great song! They are always encouraged to write their own pieces in all of their private lessons. In these lessons, students will learn all the best resources and skills that good
 songwriters use. They will learn about melodies, chord progressions, and lyrics. 

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89th Key Course Description Guide
These can be taken as private lessons or as courses. Prices are the same as 
20/40/60 minute pricing Member & nonmember prices apply. Not all teachers are qualified for all course (inquire with teacher/management) 25% off when 2 or more students sign up to share a course.

#MUS89001- Fundamentals of music- 
This is an introduction to the elements of music. Topics covered will include: pitch, rhythm, timbre, harmony, texture and form. 

#MUS89002- Performance Prep- 
This course is to prepare any student for serious performance. This course is a prerequisite for our Jury performance.

#MUS89003 Jury- 
A jury is a performance for your applied area faculty and chosen skilled performers, for which you receive overall comments. and feedback. 

#MUS89004 Class Piano-  
Class piano will give you the extra excuse to practice in the week. Or if you aren’t taking it in conjunction with private lessons, it is a great first exposure to piano. 

#MUS89005 Modern Music- 
This course takes you through some of the ways music has changed over the years. It addresses some of the more modern bands, musicians, and composers and discusses popular forms. This course is perfect for composers!

#MUS89006 Music in America- 
 This course discusses the growth of music throughout American History, and the elements that shaped these changes. 

#MUS89007 Music Literature 
If you hate when your friends talk about famous pieces of music that you know nothing of, this is the class for you. We will learn by name and by ear the different famous pieces that the world can’t stop talking about. 

#MUS89008 Guitar Ensemble- 
This is perfect for people who want more time with the guitar. This group class will allow you to play with others. This is great for ensemble planning for school and/or studio performances.. 

#MUS89009 Music Technology
  This course will let you in on the technological aspect of music. It will discus recording equipment and compositional software.

#MUS89010 World Music
World music will give you insight into the different patterns found in music all over the world, and why. Great for composers! 

#MUS89011 Music Composition
This course is great for beginner composers trying to work passed writers block, and to learn the forms favored in modern music.

#MUS89012 Conducting
This course is for aspiring conductors. We will learn the patterns for conducting different time signatures.

#MUS89013 Arranging-
This course is perfect for serious composers. 

#MUS89014 Vocal Diction/IPA-  
This is for serious vocalists who want to better understand singing in foreign languages. We will learn the International Phonetic Alphabet.

#MUS89015 Meet the Composers
This course is great for learning the famous composers and what they have composed

#MUS89016 Hum Along Course: 
 This class will consist of infants-3 year olds and their parent(s) or an adult counterpart. This course is a perfect introduction to music for young ones.This is 89th Key’s version of a “Mommy and Me” course. Child and parent will accompany each other on this hour of singalong fun. The teacher will play familiar nursery rhymes and songs and teach small simple dance moves to go along with them.  Together, parents and teachers will introduce your young ones to music! 

#MUS89017 Pre-Note Reading
This class will consist of students ages 2-6. We have created a course so perfect and fun for students that are not reading notes yet. This is will be a fun preview of note reading by using games and coloring sheets to learn and review note values and learning note names. We will create our own acronyms for learning note names and craft our own “cheat sheet.”

#MUS89018 Meet the Instruments! 
This class is perfect for younger elementary students. It gives students the opportunity to learn a little bit more about many instruments.. They will even get to test some of them out! This class will help your child gain exposure to many instruments that they have not seen or played in school.

#MUS89019 Intro to Drums
This class is great for anyone interested in drums.  Maybe if you aren’t sure if it’s a lesson you want to commit fully to, but you just want to give it a try. Maybe you just want to let out some anger. Maybe you were told you had no rhythm and you want to show them wrong. Or maybe you really just like drums. This course is perfect for you. 

#MUS89020 Sing With me!
This class is like a LIVE KARAOKE session. Teachers will take requests and rock out together! 

#MUS89021 Songwriting 101
This class is great for anyone interested in learning some skills and techniques used in songwriting. We will use the tools we learn to begin our very own compositions and give each other feedback to expand our works.

#MUS89022 Scale Skills 
This course is perfect for any student who is heavily interested in scales. They will learn about tetra chords, the circle of fifths, and they will even learn easy ways to learn their scales and figure them out quickly. 

#MUS89023 The Minor Key's- A childrens chorus. If interested, we will pick a day and time that works best for all members. 
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Private Voice Lesson
Guitar/Ukulele Lesson
During a private voice lesson, our students have choices. Sure, our students can take classical lessons learning operatic or musical theater pieces--We love that; but they can also learn songs from Billboards top 100 chart, or whatever else they listen to and love! At 89th Key, our lessons are all about the student. Our highly qualified teachers have had a range of experiences in many techniques and will instruct however the student will learn, grow, and practice best!
Students are instructed these basics as well as learning their favorite songs and how they can interpret them in their own style of playing. Students are encouraged to bring ideas of songs they want to learn together with their one-on-one instructor. 
Private Song Writing Lesson
Private Drum Lesson
At 89th Key, your first lesson is on us. Call to schedule a free trial lesson today!
In private guitar or ukulele lessons students learn a range of etude's, chords, scales, techniques, strum patterns and songs.